• How do I install your tempered glass screen protectors?

    Before you start installing one of our screen protectors, make sure that you're in a dust-free environment with bright lighting.

    Clean your display with the alcohol wipes and then dry it off immediately with the microfiber cloth. If you notice any streaks, just clean it again and make sure to dry it off quickly. If you see any dust on the display, use the dust removal stickers to pick it up.

    Once your display is spotless, grab one of the screen protectors. Use the red pull tab to peel off the protective film and keep this side facedown so that no dust particles land on it after you peel off the film.

    Hold the glass using the tabs on the top and bottom. You can then align it around the earpiece speaker. Before placing it down completely, just make sure there is equal spacing between the edge of the glass and the edge of your device on all sides.

    Now that it’s lined up, run your finger down the center of the glass and watch as it begins adhering from the center all the way to the edges. If you happen to notice any bubbles, press firmly using the microfiber cloth and sweep the bubbles out towards the closest edge.

    To finish, simply grab either the top or bottom tab and peel off the top protective film!

  • How do I install the case and how do I remove it?

    Installation: The easiest way to put the case on is one side at a time. Slide the left side of your device into the case so that both the top and bottom left corners are covered. You can then gently snap on the bottom right corner, and do the same with the top right corner. 

    Removal: The easiest way to remove the case is one side at a time. Start with the top right corner and use your thumbs to gently push the corner of the case off your device. Once the case has cleared that corner, move on to the bottom right corner and do the same. You'll find that once both of these corners clear your device, the case will simply pop off. 

  • Will Latercase protect my device from a drop?

    Latercase is a 0.6mm thin case, designed so that you’ll barely even know it’s there. It’ll protect your phone from everyday wear and tear, smudges, and scratches. Latercase is not designed to be a heavy-duty impact-resistant case.

  • How durable is Latercase?

    Latercase is crafted with high-performance aramid fibers and coated with an abrasion-resistant matte finish. You can expect Latercase to outlast the phone it’s paired with.

  • How thin is Latercase?

    Latercase is 0.6mm thin. 

  • How light is Latercase?

    Depending on the size of your device, Latercase will range from 6 to 12 grams. The average Latercase weighs approximately 10 grams. For reference, that’s about the same weight as four pennies.

  • How do I clean the case?

    Latercase is very easy to clean. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any fingerprint oils. If your case builds up any dirt or grime, you can wash it using warm water and hand soap. For tougher stains, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (just make sure to rinse it off with water afterward).

  • What does Latercase feel like?

    Latercase has a subtle, matte texture that’s genuinely addictive to touch. The matte finish adds just enough grip to give you confidence in the hand and peace of mind that it won’t slip out of your pocket.

  • Is Latercase compatible with wireless charging?

    Yes. Latercase is 100% compatible with wireless charging.

  • Will Latercase impact the signal quality of my device?

    No. Latercase is made from non-conductive aramid fibers, meaning it will have no impact on the signal quality of your device.

  • Will Latercase be available for more devices in the future?

    Yes. We’re always looking to add new devices to the Latercase portfolio. You can vote for the device you want supported on our Voting Page.